Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge

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Pure mouthwatering goodness, our Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge starts with a swirl of strawberries, real butter, rich dairy cream and mixed with bits of real cheesecake for a summer taste to be enjoyed year round. Made right here in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. But 2 slices, get 1 FREE.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, cream, white chocolate(sugar, cocoa butter, milk, nonfat dry milk, soy lecithin, vanilla), strawberry chips(sugar, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, whey, nonfat milk, mono and diglycerides, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavors, Red 3), butter(cream, salt), corn syrup, potassium sorbate(preservative), salt, vanilla(water, vanillin, caramel color, ethyl vanillin, citric acid, sodium benzoate), natural & artificial flavoring. Zero Gluten, High Fructose Corn Syrup & Trans Fat